Monday, July 12, 2010

When Life Gets Busy.

So... I haven't posted in waaaaay too long. *blushes* Sorry...

Life has gotten busy. I won't deny that I've pushed my poor, dear blog to the back burner. But lately the blessings around home have been so great, that I must admit it's been worth the time away. I hope to become a little more organized, making Monday or Tuesday nights my "blog night". I really am dreadfully, terribly sorry that I have not remained faithful in what I have said I was going to do. I keep coming with good intentions, but am not delivering. :(

Hopefully that will be fixed! I will attempt to finally finish my NEXT post on Day 1, then I shall try to recall the other 4 days. I will then attempt to finish my follow up post to "Just Simply Live". I will then post a couple other posts I've had on my mind! :D

If ya'll never even get to reading this due to the fact you've stopped stopping by due to the fact I haven't posted in so long, then so be it. It's my fault. I'm sorry. But for all ya'll that are faithful and will read this, and will forgive me and let me post my new posts (I'm warning ya, you may only get one or two a week) then I do so love ya'll! Ya'll are awesome! :D

I am so thankful for all the readers of this blog, and I do so hope that God blesses you all greatly today, tomorrow, and forever!



  1. Ah, Kait, you know I wouldn't dump you like that!! =D Plus, you're in my blogger blog-following dashboard (if that made any sense), so your posts show up whenever you post them.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!


    P.S. We need to talk soon!!

  2. Being busy is definitely understood! I have been frequently checking this blog for awhile now, and will say that I was quite excited to see a new post this time, sis! I look forward to reading more of them soon, Lord-willing!

  3. Hey Kaitland! This is the first time I've ever actually read your blog... * turns red* I can't wait to see your post on NEXT! :)



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