Sunday, May 16, 2010

I heart.... wait, what?!

Every girl talks about it. Yep. Every. Single. One. Every girl dreams about it. Yep. Every. Single. One. Every girl... yeah, yeah, moving on. I am sure you saw this and you thought "Ooh, here we go! *rubs hands together vigorously* Won't this be interesting???" Or (if you're a guy [and some girls, too]) "Oh brother, here we go again.... another one of those love filled, gushy mushy, why I love so and so posts. This is so not worth my time to read." Okay, well, both thoughts were right (except the one about the 'not worth your time', but I'll let you decide that if you can get through this whole thing).

Love is such a sought after thing. Love drives people to do things they would never have considered doing had it not been because of love. People are crazy for and about love, and many will do anything to get it. In today's culture it's longed for, craved, sought after, given freely, and taken of freely. Today love has become a hurt as well as a good and perfect gift from above. You can hurt people with the very same think you seek after yourself. Love has become selfish. Love is about you. It's about me. It's about what we want. Not what they want. Not what He wants. I know for me, love is something I thrive on. Most people do. And everyone has a love of their life. I'd like to tell you about mine. Please don't leave yet. I am so serious he's the most awesome guy you will ever meet. Seriously. I am sure you hear it all the time. But I. Am. Serious. (I have got to stop that). I'd like to give you a little info before I introduce him. Some of you already know him, so no yelling out his name till the end, cause I want to give everyone a fair chance. So I will tell you about him, and you can guess, and Timothy, Sam, and Justin, don't kill me yet, you'll like him, I promise.

The guy I have chosen to give my heart to is Godly. Very Godly. I mean, you guys will never meet a Godlier guy than this one. (I am serious). He's strong. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. He is just amazingly strong. He is humble. He has confidence in who he is, but he is humble. He never exalts himself unduly. He puts others first, and has a passion for the lost, lonely, poor, hurting, and the children. He has a heart of gold. The guy I love is gentle. He's strong enough to hurt you, but gentle enough to restrain himself from doing so. He is not only gentle in touch, but in word and deed, as well. The guy I love is so unselfish! He would do anything for me. Anything that wasn't bad for me, anyway. He freely gives me his love and doesn't ask for anything back, but how can I do anything else but give it back? He puts me and my life first. Before his own. I could cry at the ways he has done so. My guy is persistent. He doesn't just let things drop. Nope. If he wants me to do something he doesn't let it go. He keeps asking. Gently, of course, but he's persistent. He always finishes a job, doesn't put things aside. The guy I love is smart. Really smart. I mean, really, really smart. The guy I love is pure. He kept himself that way especially for me. The guy I love would lay his life down for me. And did. The guy I love is Jesus. The absolute, without a doubt, most definite, positive, concrete, unquestionable, BEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!

So yeah, now are ya'll happy, Timothy, Sam, and Justin? You already know him, so no worries there. But to get to my point, because I feel like I am rambling. My point is that love today is lost. The kind of love that Jesus is, and was, and always will be, is dying. The unselfish love that we choose to give to others is not as common. The kind of love that would make you lay down your life to save those you love (and I am talking even brotherly, sisterly, neighborly love) is not as common. It's much rarer thing. Love is all about feelings now. Well what about when you don't 'feel' like loving Jesus? What do you do then? Love is a choice. For the good and the bad, whether it suits our fancy or not, love isn't about us. We have to choose to love others for them. Not for us. Not because it benefits us. But because it benefits them. In the same way that Jesus loves us for our benefit. The same way that every second of Jesus' life was lived for us. Everything he did, from birth to death, was for us. If only we would be like that. The world would be a much better place.

P. S. I will be posting a Part 2 to "Just simply Live" sometime during the week. =)

P. S. S. Timothy, Sam, and Justin. Ya'll are awesome! ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Simply Live

Just simply live.... can we do that? Can we just simply live? Can we live to live, and nothing more. Or could it be that there must always be something to live for?

"Where there is no vision, the people perish", so the Bible tells us. But a vision is just a dream, right? Well, Easton's 1897 Bible dictionary describes it as "a vivid apparition, not a dream". describes an apparition to be "an act of appearing: manifestation". And it describes manifestation as "a materialized form of a spirit." So this makes me think... Jesus Christ was the manifestation of the the Son in the Holy Trinity. So that would mean that Jesus is an apparition, which would mean that Jesus is a vision, which would mean that Proverbs 29:18 could read "Where there is no Jesus, the people perish".

This goes so much deeper than just our earthly lives. Can we simply live? I believe the answer is no. Living is not simple. The Bible says in Galations 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me...". The third definition of crucified is to "subue (passion, sin, etc.)". So we must be subdued to live? What kind of living is that? The best kind! It would seem so contradictory, but it's the best freedom you can have! And then to think that we are able to live eternally. We are able to live almost forever (not completely forever, because we do have a starting point and God does not), our minds cannot even fathom that! If we are able to live forever, how can we just simply live? How can we live eternally and just simply live?

We have to live for something! And we have to live for it with all that we are! We live for Christ or we live for Satan, we live for Heaven for we live for Hell. The question is who and what are we going to live for. The question is: Will you just simpy live?

Something to think on....

What do you guys think? Is this true? Why or why not?