About Me (Don't click here)

Who am I?

I am a fading flower in a world of sin, fully redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and waiting for the glorious reappearing of my Savior. I am a servant, a princess of the King, and a unworthy, but grateful child of God.

However, that is rather long to say "Hi, fading flower in a world of sin, full redeemed by the..." yeah, you get it. So I go by Kaitland (or Kay). My name means "Pure property of Christ" and that is something I strive for. It is only by the grace of God that I can call myself pure. I am by no means perfect. I fall short in so many ways, but God is faithful! I am the oldest of eight, I love it! Just yesterday I was asked to imagine it just being me, my parents, and the brother right after me. Quite frankly that would be a nightmare. I love my siblings way too much to imagine life without them (I am so serious, I thought about it for a quarter of a second and found myself shuddering. Life would be so boring without them all!). I like to write. I love to write. I was writing a lot of fiction (and would love to take that back up again), but these days it's mostly discussions or observations on theological topics (the fancy way of saying: 'Deep thoughts on God'). I also have another blog for my humor (I hear from some that I have heaps, I hear from others that I should stop the whole 'joke' thing. *shrugs* I try, anyway.) You can check it out here! I love comments (even if they are random and have nothing to do with the post. I am the master of randomness, so by all means, go ahead!), and would love to hear what ya'll have to say (you bet I just said 'ya'll').

I am seriously trying to keep this "About Me" thing serious. Honestly. I hope I succeeded. Oh, and by the way, I really like the color blue, and I also like pretty things (another reason I started this blog, I wanted something to create), and I like to read, and I like going outside, and I like talking (oh I love talking!!!), and I like my friends, and I like making cakes (I really do!), and I like MUSIC (singing [not really good], piano playing [need to begin working extra hard on that again], listening to [all. the. time.]), and I love, love, love, love, love JESUS CHRIST (I should walk around saying that to people at the mall... I wonder what they'd do *ponders*).

Anyway, I probably totally failed at making that serious. *sigh* I tried, though. I really did. As time goes on I will list here some of my favorite books, songs, movies, etcetera (that word looks so much better spelled out... you should try it). Hopefully you'll enjoy it all!

I hope you have a blessed day today, and I hope the Lord shines His face upon you!


My Favorite Books:

The Bible
Elsie Dinsmore
Nancy Drew

Books I'm Reading:

Putting Amazing Back Into Grace- Michael Horton
Just Do Something- Kevin DeYoung
There Is A Season- uhhhh... somebody.... forget the name. :P

My friends:

Hannah Marie
Kristin Carr
Holly H.
Tabitha Hems
Hillary Hipps
Justin Davito
Sam Dye
Daniel Osborne
Mark Hutchins

My latest project:


Walking (outside)
Baking cakes
Hanging out with my friends!

Favorite songs (you are so asking for it):

This is the Stuff- Francesca Battistelli
Hold My Heart- Tenth Avenue North
Healing Begins- Tenth Avenue North
That's What Faith Can Do- Kutless
Safe- Phil Wickham
Forgiven- Sanctus Real
Made to Love- Toby Mac
Completely- Ana Laura
Beautiful You- Johnny Diaz
Disappearing World- Fair
Far Away- Lecrae (that is the only one, Justin.)
Lead me to the Cross
Beautiful, Beautiful- Francesca Battistelli
Shadowfeet- Brooke Fraser
It's Your Life- Francesca Battistelli
Let the Waters Rise- Mikeschair
Light up the Sky- The Afters
Walking on the Stars- Group1Crew
I Love the Way You Hold Me- Jamie Grace
Seven Times Seventy Times- Chris August

And for now my mind blanks on all of my favorites. As I remember them (or more their names), I will come and put them up! :D