Saturday, July 24, 2010

I thought today I might share with ya'll something I wrote in August of last year. I found it to be a neat reminder to myself, and hopefully it would bless ya'll too! :)

This was something I wrote a few days ago for a bible study type thing. Thought you guys might like it. The challenge was to thank God for something He provides everyday. We had to write about it, and this is the end result. Here goes:

Well, God provides food and water and shelter everyday. He provides comfort and refuge and the Holy Spirit. He gives us hope and a future and opportunities to change our lives and the lives of others for better or worse. Hopefully it’s always for the better. I was just thinking today, what have I done to help advance the kingdom of God? My answer was… nothing. I have “given” my life to God, and yet I held back the most important part. My time. I was giving God my burdens, my hopes, my dreams, my struggles, and yet I would not give Him my time. It’s seems so easy, but it’s not. It’s a hard thing to do. Your time is truly everything. How you spend your time determines who you are from a human point of view. If you are spending your time learning and reading, trying to educate yourself all the more, you will be viewed as smart. If you are always spending your time arguing with your siblings and watching T.V., you will be viewed as a lazy troublemaker. Someone who spends their time ministering to the needy, taking the few seconds to hold open a door, talking to the lonely, caring for the elderly, will be viewed as a kind person who is really something special.

People can see Jesus in someone. He is very evident in our lives, even if we aren’t doing everything we can do for Him. A minute wasted is a minute that you will NEVER see again. Imagine if you counted up all of the minutes you have wasted in your life. How many days would it equal? How many years? When I think about it that way it makes me want to get up and do something. It doesn’t have to be big. Even giving one of my brothers or sisters a cup of water, or rubbing their back. Maybe praying for my mom or dad. Anything. Less is sometimes more. We don’t have to overdue it, that will take away from our efforts. We just need to take the oppurtunities that God presents us. I was just watching the movie Robots and the catch phrase is “See a need, fill a need”. That is EXACTLY what we need to be doing. I remember once, there was an old man that was walking out of Publix at the same time as my mom and I were going in, and he was having trouble getting out the door. I went and held the door for him and he smiled and his face just lit up. He was probably living alone and all he needed to brighten his day was a little bit of caring from someone. These are the things that God would have us do. Some of us will go on to bigger things, though, and that’s good. Just make sure that you are following God, not asking Him to follow you. I guess my point is that God DOES provide for us everyday, my question is, what are we doing to show Him we’re thankful?



  1. Wow, that was good. Thanks, Kait, for the reminder.

  2. That is good ! Hi my name is Lacy and I just got back from a missions trip to Zambia Africa, and one thing he tought me while I was there is to Thank him everyday for the thing s in the past such as family, the things he has for us now and thank him in advance for the plans he holds fro our future. Anyways I like your blog

  3. Hey, guys!

    I am very glad you guys enjoyed it!

    Lacy, I agree! I really don't think we can be too thankful for anything. Because, truthfully, we deserve nothing. Thanks, I'm glad you like the blog!



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