Monday, July 19, 2010

NEXT- Day 1

So day one was a pretty neat day! I flew out at 7:20 and landed 'round about 9:45-10 AM. Met up with Justin on the first day and we headed to the Hilton and dropped luggage off. It was awesome getting to stop and have friendly chats with the NEXT greeters and just peruse a bit while waiting for the rest of the group.
The other group drove in about 5:00 PM or so, and we all got checked in and made the introductions and all.

The first session was at 7:45 PM and it was done by Joshua Harris.

*runs to get notes*

This was really some good stuff. Josh spoke to us about our need as Christians to build a firm foundation on which we can build as Christians. He pointed out that while passion is good, and doctrine is good, neither one can stand alone as a firm foundation. You have to have both. You have to have a firm knowledge of good doctrine, but a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ, too.

He spoke of how the churched kids of today can do such a good job of "pushing the Jesus button". You press it, and voila! Instant perfect child who knows all the right answers and never fails to give them. How many of us are like that?

One of my favorite quotes by Harris from that session- "Jesus loves to save religious hypocrites."

*ahem* Just a note to my readers, I had all the below typed out and nicely done, had clicked "Publish Post" and promptly received an error message, and lost the rest. *gasp* (yes, you may *gasp* with me.) It was like someone or something didn't want me to post this. :P Too bad for them... I will persist!

"Doctrine isn't an end in itself- it helps us."

" Remember that there isn't a thing that Jesus takes from Himself. He gives us Himself. There is only Jesus Himself."

"Movements of men, methods, and I will fail, but Jesus will never fail!"

"A real, saving relationship with Jesus Christ necessarily involves doctrine."

"You can't know Jesus without the Bible shaping and teaching you about Him."

"Doctrine not only tells us what God has done, but explains what it is that God is doing."

"Doctrine is the setting forth of what's been done, but also the explaination of it."

"Doctrine is not separate, it's at the heart."

"Knowing right doctrine is not enough, we have to put it into practice."

"We shouldn't feel safe and secure if the truth and knowledge isn't applied."

Then Josh, Justin, and I went to Community Groups. Community Groups were amazing! They began with prayer, then fun, then we would be assigned our Bible reading, then break off into our small groups. In our small groups we read, discussed what we read, and asked each other 'getting to know you' questions. It was a great time of fellowship and learning!

So that is the first day... the second day will be coming soon as I can get it done! :D



  1. Sounds like Josh Harris' message was great. I love some of those quotes.

    "A real, saving relationship with Jesus Christ necessarily involves doctrine."


  2. Yes, his was amazing... I was very convicted by it, and learned a lot!

    I loved that one, too!

    I need to get my notes on the other sessions posted... it'll take a while to type it all out, haha, there was a lot!


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