Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Like Brett Favre, I can't stay out of retirement.

I had decided to retire this blog. I really had. I was done expressing my musings. It took too long, and I never felt, well, good enough. But I honestly don't care if I'm "good enough". The blog will get a revamp. It will be different. It's a new year, and I want to start fresh. I've never actually "started fresh", and I kinda want to this year. I want to take on new adventures. I don't promise any one anything, I think New Years resolutions are silly and petty. You should be able to make and keep a resolution any time of the year. So I'm not here to tell you all the grand and airy commitments I've made. I'm here to say, I'm back, and I hope to see some new things happening for me that I can share with you all.


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