Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't Judge a Kid by His (Album) Cover.

I'm not sure what exactly possessed me to watch it. I wasn't a fan, didn't like his music, am not really into the whole "fan girl" thing. I mean, there are some people I dream of meeting (Benedict Cumberbatch, Ian Harding, Colin Morgan...), but I would never, ever freak out the way his fans do. I mean, really. A little class, ladies. That's beside the point, however. For some reason, unknown to me, I got it into to my head to watch this movie. Today. That movie was... *drumroll* Never Say Never.

Like I said, I don't listen to his music (aside from it's airing on the radio), was never interested in being a fan, have always poked fun at him, and had a lot of misconceptions. I have an incredibly bad habit of stereotyping people. When I say stereotyping, I mean that I divide them up into multiple categories and rate them and who they are based on what they wear, what they do, how they talk, etc. Without even knowing them. I don't know Justin Bieber. Yet I assumed I knew "his type". This is what I would have told you about him a few hours ago:

1) He isn't even talented. He probably lip syncs everything.
2) People only like him for his hair. And his eyes. And his smile. And his baby face.
3) He thinks he is God's gift to women. He loves the attention.
4) He's in it for the fame and money.
5) He isn't even a real Christian. He is probably just saying that like who knows how many other people do.
6) He's really shallow. All famous people are.

These are probably the majority of the stereotypes I applied to him, seeing as I have never spent much time thinking about Mr. Bieber.

After watching Never Say Never, however, I was impressed. This kid... he had talent. I was in awe. The way he plays the drums? My jaw was in my lap. I can't even keep a steady beat. Dancing (rather impressively) while singing? I can hardly walk a straight line. Let's not push it now. We all know he has an adorable face. You can make fun of it, but you can't disagree with it. He has that going for him. But I had to admit... Justin Bieber has what it takes in the talent department. And I think he loves it. Not just for fame and money. Watching his face when he was told he needed to push back a show because he was sick pretty much knocked that one out of the park for me. I don't think it was fake.

Does Justin play with hearts? I'd say yes. But it isn't all his fault. He didn't ask tens of millions of girls to fall in love with him. They did that all their own. I must say... I was a little... shocked... at some of their behavior. I mean, jumping on stage and attempting to (basically) physically assault him? Declaring that he WILL marry you... HE JUST WILL? Fighting over who gets to be his first wife (though wouldn't you want to be the last???)? Isn't this just a little extreme, dearies?

Number 5....I know, I know.... I'm awful for thinking that. I'm sorry, I fall short, too. But in his defense, he proved me wrong on that point, too. I don't believe he's faking what he believes. I don't know whether he is really saved or not, because that isn't my department. That's God's. But he seems to genuinely believe in God, and I must say I'm sorry I ever judged him on that count.

One thing that really struck me throughout the video, too, is that he is definitely not shallow. He's just as fun loving, awkard, normal, and real as you or me. He just has to put it away when he is on stage or walking 'round town. A movie doesn't tell all, but I think he's a genuinely nice kid. I'm sorry I ever judged him.

So... does this make me a fan? No, not really. Still don't like his music that much (don't hate on me, please). So why exactly am I writing a post all about Justin Bieber? I'm not. I'm sharing my lesson of the day... don't judge a book by it's cover. I did, and I was wrong. Why am I sorry? Because I have really been realizing lately how I am falling to this daily. I see a person and I assume they belong in one category or another. And lately I have been reevaluating that... I started thinking, "What would people assume of me by the way I dress?". And I realized, I have probably been lumped into so many categories that aren't at all true. I change up my look allllllll the time. From vintage bomber pilot, to Audrey Hepburn, to office chic, to country girl casual, and every other look in between. Stereotyping doesn't work. It doesn't help anyone. And it's rude. It's just plain rude. I've been working on being more open minded lately (maybe my subconscious reason for watching Never Say Never?), and I hope you guys will think about it and join me in such an endeavor.


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