Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today.

Ten years ago today a family was watching the President ride down their hometown streets. They were celebrating, unaware of the horrors taking place within our great nation. Ten years ago today a little girl turned nine years old amidst the emotional turmoil and unforgettable tragedy that enveloped a nation and brought a world superpower to tears. Ten years ago today thousands of men and women gave their lives as we watched two proud glories of our nation crumble into oblivion. Ten years ago today a group of men became heroes as they deliberately went from soaring the skies on a beautiful day to diving to their death to save the lives of countless others. Ten years ago today we saw sacrifice so great, so pure, so humbling, may we never forget what it was. Ten years ago today husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and friends were tragically taken; some in an effort to save, some the victim of cataclysmal tyranny.

Today, we honor those men, those women, who's legacy we cannot and will not forget. Today, as a nineteen year old woman, that little girl writes these things, now able to understand them, and prays for those who lost someone- an irreplaceable someone- that day. She prays that the legacy, the lessons, the courage, and the heroism will never be forgotten, never fading from our roots as a nation. It is these things that make us America. May we never forget them. And may God bless those hurt by the actions of that day. Please pray with me for these people, say thanks for those whose lives were spared, and thank God for the men and women who were willing to risk their own lives to save others.  As the granddaughter of a firefighter, I ask you to please remember to pray for these men and women, too. Honor them. Never forget them and their daily sacrifices and risks just like we'll never forget 9/11. God Bless.

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