Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dead Flies Make a Good Smell Stink.

Yep. I did just use "Dead Flies" in my title. ;)

But that isn't just the title of this blog post. It is the title of my new project, "Dead Flies Make a Good Smell Stink, and Other Life Lessons For the Young." (Title subject to tweaking). I will be taking a lot of the topics I've written about here, and have taught time and time again to my siblings as I passed on what my parents have taught me, and putting them in book form. I would love it, though, if I could get some suggestions.

  1. What kind of things would you want me to include?
  2. What age group should I target this at?
  3. Would you buy a book buy this title, or does it need to go?
Let me know what you guys think, please!

Edited to include a sample "Lesson"-

Just simply live. . .  can we do that? Can we just simply live? Can we live to be alive, and nothing more? Or could it be that there must always be something to live for?   
Can we simply live? The answer is no. Living is not simple. The Bible says in Galations 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me...". The third definition of crucified is to "subue (passion, sin, etc.)". So we must be subdued to live? What kind of living is that? The best kind! It would seem so contradictory, but it's the best freedom you can have. It is the freedom that gives you eternal life by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are able to live almost forever. Our minds cannot even fathom that. If we are able to live forever, how can we just simply live? How can we live eternally and just simply live? 
We have to live for something, and we have to live for it with all that we are. We live for Christ or we live for Satan, we live for Heaven for we live for Hell. 
When I was homeschooled as a young girl, my mother made me do handwriting lessons. Day after day I had to painstakingly scrawl each cursive letter until each curlicue was perfect. I hated each moment of it. There was one perk, however, that I greatly enjoyed. When I got to Friday, the end of the week, my cursive lesson was to write a Bible verse in cursive. That page of the book had a beautifully framed section for me to write my Bible verse in, and the drawings were black and white. Each Friday, as I finished my verse, I was allowed to color the frame that surrounded my hard worked for verse. 
The day came that my mother said I was ready to move on from handwriting, and that I could drop handwriting lessons and use my cursive in every day school. I was appalled at the thought. How could I give up my handwriting lessons when I still had a few Fridays left to be had out of my book? It was the incentive of those Friday lessons, in which I could color to my heart’s content, that kept me going through the rest of the lessons. This same concept applies to our lives. We don’t go through life and live for nothing. We do live for something, and we do not just simply live for it. We live and die for it. The question is who and what are we going to live for. The question is: Will you just simply live?


  1. 1. I honestly think anything would be awesome. I do especially like personal stories and experiences, though. :)

    2. I would go for ages 4-8. When I was those ages it seemed like I enjoyed this kind of book more so than when I was any older than 8.

    3. Hmm...since marketing and book design play an even bigger part in whether or not I read/buy a book, it would more so depend on your book's cover design.

  2. Hey, Maria!

    I definitely agree with, and love, your idea about the personal stories. I'll definitely be using that suggestion... and I also agree about the marketing and book design part.

  3. I like your example. Hmm... I would want you to include both victories and failures. I was always encouraged, albeit in a weird way, when I read or heard about another kid that struggled just like me but was either determined to overcome or had overcome whatever it might be.

    As for the title, oh yeah, I'd buy it!

    Keep us posted Kaitland, would love to read the final product!


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