Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If Only.

If only I could tell you
everything I think;
If only you could smooth away
every single kink.

If only we could always be
together, not apart;
If only we were tethered strong,
together, at the heart.

If only time, and age, and space
never did exist;
If only we could overcome
these problems that persist.

If only as I sit and think
of all these little things,
We could somehow rid ourselves
of the tears our feelings bring.

But no matter how we try
to wish our troubles gone,
Only God can know the times,
whether short or long.

In His name and by His power,
we are made brand new.
By His light, and life, and love
our paths run straight and true.

God, take my "ifs" and "only's",
and throw them far away.
Help me trust in You alone,
and do so every day.

©2011 Kaitland Conley


  1. *sigh* I've been thinking along the same lines. Some things cannot be erased. Thanks for sharing the poem... It was encouraging to me.

  2. You are most welcome! I guess that's why they say "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." ;)

  3. Oh wow, that's beautiful. :) Thanks for sharing!


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