Friday, February 25, 2011

No, I haven't died; Yes, I do have time; No, I haven't forgotten you all; Yes I've run out of words to say... wait... what?

I have said I'd post once a week... and I really do mean to. I come here... and I try to write. I type, and I erase. It doesn't come. I can't get past a sentence. Some might say I'm suffering from... get this... writer's block. But no, actually, I'm not. I'm doing ridiculously well regarding my fictional stories. Or well, the character development of them. I'm on a roll. But in those things pertaining to regular life, I'm so out of tune I can't play a melody. Now, granted, I'll probably post this and then walk away to go do something and be like "HEY! I should blog about this!" :P It always happens. This may sound silly, but that's partly why I'm writing this post that I ran out of words, because there's something about being me that makes confessions actually open doors. You have no idea how many times I've said, "We're out of this" and then there it is! Or I say "Cats can't open doors" and there walks Toby through our previously closed door. Or how about the day I said "I'm broke" and then my dad walked in and said a lady wanted to pay me to custom make her a necklace. There is just something about being me, I tell you. So watch, guys. I'm gonna post this, and I bet by the end of the night I'll have words. ;)


  1. "Or I say "Cats can't open doors" and there walks Toby through our previously closed door." lol. Does he really open doors?

    Well, then. Now that you have made your confession I shall be looking for those words. :)

  2. This is certainly a creative post! I like it! But you know what they say. Creativity killed the-, no wait, curiosity killed the cat! Watch out, Toby, because Kaitland is being creative! :p


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